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We are an global financial institution connecting over 1,000 cities, 160 countries and millions of people, we are Citi. With over 200 years of experience meeting the world‘s toughest challenges and seizing its greatest opportunities, we serve individuals, communities, institutions, and nations.

Citi set its first footprint into Vietnam in 1975, and then started up a representative office in Hanoi in 1993. A year later, Citi became the first U.S financial institution licensed for branch opening and full branch establishment in Hanoi a year later.

With two branches located in the country‘s top cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, we strive to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial solutions that are simple, creative and responsible.

Global Consumer Group

Proudly serving more than 100 million clients in 40 countries, Citi’s Global Consumer Banking business is among the largest retail banks in the world. Primarily known as Citibank and strategically centered in the world’s top cities, Global Consumer Banking uses its deep footprint to deliver a consistent and enhanced client-centric banking experience.

Our Global Consumer Banking businesses are strong in some of the world’s most important growth markets, from China, Malaysia, Korea and India in Asia Pacific, to Poland and Russia in Europe, to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Panama in Latin America.

The rising affluence of consumers in Vietnam created new opportunities. Committed to helping Vietnamese people achieve their financial goals, Citibank established the Consumer Bank in 2009, to cater to the evolving needs of customers.

Today, Citibank’s customers have access to a full and complete range of financial services including deposits, saving accounts, credit cards, insurance, personal loans and our premium Citigold services through a broad array of distribution channels and network.

Institutional Clients Group

Citi’s Institutional Clients Group is comprised of diverse, talented professionals globally located in more than 100 countries and territories, collectively representing an unparalleled international network of financial skills and capabilities serving targeted clients. Our clients are top corporations, financial institutions and governments in countries around the world and our mission is to help them achieve their goals. We do so by providing strategic, financing and operational insights and executing tailored product/service solutions, both across our borders and domestically. The ICG responds to clients’ changing needs through its long-established relationship coverage approach that provides client solutions utilizing all of Citi’s relevant capabilities, including the broadest possible access to financial markets globally. No other institution can match our combination of global insights, client relationship management services, geographic reach and local and cross-border product expertise.

Corporate Citizenship

Our approach to citizenship is based on our commitment to responsible finance — how we define business conduct that is transparent, prudent and dependable. Through our citizenship efforts, we aim to ensure that our actions are in the best interests of our clients, are designed to create economic value, and at the same time are systemically responsible.

Citi focuses on putting the full force of our businesses, resources, products, philanthropy and people to work to improve the communities in which we serve.

Our social responsibilities are an integral part of Citi’s business operations, as we recognize that this is an equally important way for us to help improve the quality of life for the people in our community.

Citibank Vietnam’s citizenship priorities are microfinance, financial education, community development, and employee volunteerism.

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When this is work, it’s not really work

We offered access to over 10,000 entertainment events last year alone. Want to be part of an organization that values the arts?

You value diversity and diversity is embedded in our history of success. We are committed to hiring diverse talent, promoting people on their merits and treating everyone with respect and dignity.We are committed to recruiting the very best diverse talent for our entry-level opportunities through our early identification and development programs.

  • We strive to create diverse candidate slates for all our professional opportunities and to ensure we have diverse interview panels.
  • We offer extensive diversity and inclusion learning opportunities to our colleagues.
  • We encourage colleagues to become mentors, and managers are encouraged to mentor employees and to seek out women and minority mentees.
  • We build strong long-term relationships with like-minded partners who are committed to improving access for all dimensions of diversity

Employee Networks

Citi Employee Networks open to all Citi colleagues and offer opportunities for professional development, mentoring, networking and community involvement. Each network is focused on a diverse community, and together they cover culture, ethnicity, disability, veterans, sexual identity, family circumstance and gender. As of July 2014, there were more than 100 employee networks in a total of 18 countries with 15,000 members.

Citi Women

A global network that connects women across Citi’s businesses with each other and with our clients, Citi Women contributes to the company’s efforts to attract, develop, advance and retain women at all levels. In addition to work focused on advancing women across our businesses and functions, Citi Women plays a key role in to development programs, Women Leading Citi and the Women's Leadership Development Program.

Women Leading Citi

This eighteen-month sponsorship program, which was launched in 2009, is designed to foster the mobility of high-performing senior women. In addition to broadening their network and honing their leadership skills, participants receive in-depth assessments, personal coaching sessions and access to leadership workshops and webinars led by global industry experts.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnership with organizations that promote thought leadership on diversity is just one of the ways Citi ensures its diversity efforts are aligned with best practices. Through these partnerships, we promote diversity as a key business imperative – across industries – which strengthens the impact of our strategy, programs and performance.

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