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DatVietVAC Group Holdings (First named Vietnam Advertising Co., Ltd.) was founded and officially operated on April 20th, 1994.

Starting the 16th year in the industry and operating at 4 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, 01 office in Danang and 01 office in Hanoi with around 320 executives, DatVietVAC Group Holdings is currently the Vietnamese communication, media and entertainment powerhouse and has become a major creator and provider of various media and entertainment services for the industry.

Our heritage

Right from the start, we were pioneers and trendsetters. Being the first in many different fields and services gave us extensive experience and valuable insights. This coupled with our incomparable leadership in media, plus our talented and experienced human resource has given us an unsurpassed understanding of the Vietnamese consumer.

  • FIRST privately-owned media and advertising agency in Vietnam. Founded on April 20th, 1994. DatVietVAC is led by Mr. Dinh Ba Thanh who is regarded as the man first established the Media industry in Vietnam in 1989 . DatVietVAC presently has employed 320 dynamic and competent executives.
  • FIRST in diversified media, communications and entertainment group in Vietnam. Grouping total of 8 independent companies, DatVietVAC offers end-to-end brand, marketing, media and communication solutions to marketers and media owners.
  • FIRST in billing for 19 consecutive years for a media and communication group in Vietnam.

What makes us different?

  • We are pioneer and trend-setter in media and communications.
  • We see opportunities where others see problems and have the human capital to create solutions.
  • We aren’t just a servicing agency, but also create, own and sell media and communication products.

Vì sao làm việc với chúng tôi?

Performance management

To achieve our business objectives, provide the best service to our clients and recognize our staff, we develop a performance-driven system where the employees know what we expect from them, see the challenge and energize to achieve as well as to share their ideas or their thoughts with supervisors and to be supported or advised how they can perform more effectively.

Diversity and Inclusion

We need staff to serve clients and delight them. By doing that, being competent and passionate to serve clients is quite important. However, ability to understand their needs properly is vital. We need diversified staffs that have different insights, knowledge and expertise to serve different clients.

Inclusion combines all diversified factors into “one”.  It is the value of being respected and supported.  It is about caring of the needs of every employee and making sure that the right treatment, right conditions are in place for each employee to be brilliant and optimize their capacity to explore themselves and achieve their potentiality. Inclusion will be reflected in our mindset, behaviors and practices to direct a diversified workforce. This helps us to attract talents from different resources and serve our clients better.

People care

We believe that people play a vital role in our business. We care for society but at the same time we alike to care our people by building good working place where inspiration at work exists and employees ‘s work lives are full of joy at the companies.

We follow our shared values to behave. Team work, Empathy, and Self-upgraded and well-rounded to nourish clients’ trust and colleagues.  

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100 - 500 Nhân viên

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Ngôn ngữ sử dụng

Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Việt

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