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Our mission is to provide manufacturers with the power to see, the power to act, and the power to control.

Founded in 2013, Arcstone seeks to revolutionize the way data is utilized in enterprises. We believe that manufacturing processes and equipment management can be monitored, maintained and controlled by fully operationalizing and unlocking the value of data. Termed arc.ops (Arcstone Operations Platform), our in-house IoT/SaaS platform integrates with IoT sensors, machines, ERPs, and workstation tablets for fully automated to fully manual processes in manufacturing, machine maintenance and warehousing. An intuitive and powerful solution for facility managers and workers to run their day-to-day operations and maximize productivity, arc.ops also gives senior management the ability to visualize and optimize their facilities anywhere in the world, and to forecast and plan for future growth.

Arcstone raised its Pre-Series A venture funding at the end of 2015, and has successfully delivered solutions to global and innovative companies. Our current clients consist of Fortune Global 500 Companies and SMEs, in Singapore and globally, all utilizing arc.ops.

As a Country Manager, you will be tasked with the unique opportunity to grow, develop and shape Arcstone’s presence in Vietnam. This requires a unique blend of business acumen and an interest towards providing enterprise solutions for the manufacturing industry. The position is based in Ho Chi Minh City, and will be reporting to the Chief Growth Officer based in Singapore.

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We at Arcstone are extremely passionate about the product, the service we provide for our customers, and the transformation we are making in the manufacturing industry. We are looking for people who can bring that same level of passion and zeal for our mission.

Our core belief is to hire the right person for the company, and not necessarily always the person that fits every single requirement on a job description. We look for amazing potential, and someone who can grow along with the rest of the company.

We believe in compensating our employees fairly, and the right candidate will be given a competitive compensation package comprised of a base salary, equity, and performance incentives.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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