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California Management Group is the outgrowth of years of innovative experiences and a proven track record of business performance across 7 countries in Asia.

In 2007, California Fitness & Yoga became the first and largest international fitness company to open in Vietnam. With a mission of “Making Life Better” California Fitness & Yoga became a dynamic lifestyle center aiming to inspire, entertain and energize the communities it serves.

By providing cutting edge fitness services and products in a dynamic social setting. By uniquely combining world class fitness services with the latest and most popular entertainment trends, CFYC has created a market where none existed before and in the process inspired a wellness movement in Vietnam which has become one of the fastest growing and most successful consumer segments in the country.

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Personal Growth & Development

Progress = happiness. There is no better feeling of satisfaction than that of growing and making progress in your life. Our number one priority is to help you reach peak performance both in your career and in your personal life. 

From the real Jordan Belfort, AKA Wolf of Wallstreet, to international sensation Anthony Robbins, our quest for personal development has included live training from the best in the world along with custom built training programs which are conducted at our facilities for all employee. Furthermore, our CMG Manager Summit Events featuring our CEO Randy Dobson, President Dane Fort, Executive Team and numerous guest speakers is a company conference like no other. You can rest assured that you will be fully equipped and continuously developed to become the best you can be.

Rewards & Recognition

At California Management Group, we understand the importance of recognizing, celebrating and rewarding success for those who meet sales targets, provide outstanding service and add incredible value to the company and those around them.

All expense paid trips overseas including 5 star resort accommodations and entertainment? Our team has won trips to Japan, Thailand and more. New motorbikes? We’ve given away Vespas! How about cash prizes? We hold routinely hold internal contests. Perhaps a new wrist watch? We’ve given away Rolex Explorers, Rolex Submariners, Rolex Date – Justs and Omegas. Think these prizes are only available for our high level teams? Andy a 21 year old sales consultant recently won a brand new Omega Speedmaster. 

Healthy Lifestyle

The quality of your life will always be correlated to the quality of your health. As a California Management Group employee you will receive a free membership for you and your family members at California Fitness and Yoga Centers. 

Whether you prefer mornings, lunch time or after work and weekends, you will have access to our international, 5 star fitness and lifestyle centers which offer you and your loved ones unlimited fitness programs and classes to choose from along with subsidized personal training allowing you to train 1 n 1 with a certified fitness expert for an exclusive employee rate.

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