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DCV is run with the aim deploying supporting service and business solution and marketing data technology on internet in Viet Nam and area. DCV helps Enterprises exploit  maximum the power of Information Technology, Digital Media and Internet in business developing. In addition, we always develop and step up Media Projects to build a strong media enterprise.

DCV orientates becoming an Online Advert and Media Technology Business, stably developing base on combining knowledge streng, solidarity consciousness and technology in high level. With compact structure, powerful financial resources, stable business and business administration method applying IT, DCV more and more confirms the position in Software field, Media and Online Advert.

We undertake to provide customer with best and fastest services products more than customer’s expectation. DCV’s purpose is developing our company to make country economy more develop and society more good.


Narrowing the distance between people and global information, meed maximum the life demands of anyperson, anywhere and anycareer.

DCV built standard principles to serve customer

  • Quickly and effectively meet demand of customer
  • Ensure that all services which company provides constantly operate.
  • Esthusiam, considarate with brisk, affable behaviour.
  • Ensure provide services with suitable cost and high competition.
  • Always care to the staff training policies to ensure high profession.

DCV’s six values

  • Customer is unique boss
  • Observe individual
  • Companion in arms
  • Hard-working with great passion and responsibility
  • Act at the moment
  • Always innovate

Vì sao làm việc với chúng tôi?

Training policy

  • The goal of training is to improve the knowledge, professional level and other skills in order to form the management team, specialists to meet the development needs of DCV.
  • The forms of training: Training through extracurricular courses, self-training effort of each staff. The training plan is built every year and bases on the business strategy.
  • Rotate human resources to train with practical tasks.

Advancing and developing career policy

  • At DCV, promotion opportunity career is always fair for all staffs. It’s established by the using power plan with a specific process
  • Rating result plan is carried out each 3 month to assess working aim, developing occupation purpose of each individual. It’s basis to find active factor to promote or plan human resource with each development stage of DCV
  • Select internal staff for management position is the top priority at DCV

Bonus policy

  • With the purpose make conditions for employees feel secure, have a strong attachment with company, bonus policies are always appreciated and improved by DCV. At DCV, the staffs are enjoyed salary and prize money according to specific regulation.
  • Ensure competitive income and equivalent with the same field and area companies each time.
  • Salary involve basic pay and appropriate allowances with effort, responsibility and labour effect.
  • The communities and individuals get excellent performance will be respected and rewarded worthily, timely, publicly and equally.
  • Periodical reward regime mid year and last year depends on the result of activities.
  • Surprise reward regime bases on achievement of individuals and team.

Welfare policy

  • All official staffs of DCV are sure to receive suitable regulations basing on Viet Nam labour law
  • Support about Health Care Insurance, Social Insurance, Unemployment Insurance
  • Holiday, teambuilding each quarter
  • Subsidize difficult cases: maternities, illnesses, hospitalizations, retirement, labour protection, visit, funeral leave,…

Culture and environment

  • Always close-knit, overcome all difficulties
  • Always observe, listen and regard benefits of customers, partners, shareholders as your advantages, satisfying customers as satisfying yourself
  • Always innovate, get the opportunities to succeed
  • Working condition: Provide sufficient office equipment for each staff
  • Working environment: Survey periodically satisfaction of staffs to correct managing and running businesses


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