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IFI Solution started its first project for a European customer in 2003. After nearly 10 years of development with about one hundred software projects of various sizes, IFI Solution is one of the first Vietnamese companies who supply a full-scale outsourcing service, from business analysis to solution deployment and maintenance, to the European software market. IFI Solution now has over 150 employees and is continuing to grow.

Professional organization and operation for software outsourcing projects

IFI Solution considers an effective customer communication protocol very important. Years of experience in software development business with different customers has allowed us to develop and implement a suite of flexible procedures and processes that provide the methodology for the success of our software outsourcing projects. These procedures and processes can also be adapted to satisfy the needs of new customers.

Processes are applied to all our activities to ensure a consistent Company approach and promote team cooperation and information sharing.

For each project, depending on its size, we always:

  • Work out a cooperation model at customer’s choice: fixed price project or Offshore Development Centre.
  • Define a dedicated team whose members are ready to implement all customer’s requirements within a fixed budget and time frame.
  • Adapt ourselves to customer’s plan: customer’s deadlines are ours.
  • Take quality assurance actions according to either customer-defined processes or IFI Solution standard processes that are ISO 9001:2008 certificated.

Risk prediction and management

Clearly understood the risks in software outsourcing models, IFI Solution can always predict and prevent risks related to important factors such as human resource, project configuration and business expansion. That helps guarantee the success of projects.

  • Human resource: foresee and prepare backup man power to meet deadlines and to response to changes.
  • Technologies: continuously enrich knowledge and carry out trainings on technologies that customers use.
  • Configuration: setup a common configuration management system with multiple access levels for all projects. Both incremental and full backup mechanisms are implemented to ensure that all data can be recovered within 1 hour in case of incident.

Culture of confidentiality

IFI Solution agrees and enforces the signed confidentiality agreement with our customers and employees. We are committed to maintain the confidentiality of the Customers business and we strictly respect those agreements.

Multiple access levels are applied to project information in order to implement confidentiality agreements. Above all, IFI Solution maintains a culture of confidentiality. IFI Solution employees are trained to maintain a process discipline that ensures Customer’s Project data is secure.

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A human resource management model specific to software outsourcing business

Engineers in our software development department are organized according to the human resource matrix model. They are classified into groups by their skills and are assigned to projects based upon there expertise.

This management model enables us to deploy a homogeneous human resource strategy. Moreover, any customer shall have the possibility to mobilize our whole staff including key Managers, therefore each project can effectively benefit from many technical competencies acquired from other projects.

  • Our project teams consist of experienced project leaders as well as young passionate engineers.
  • Creativity, autonomy and sense responsibility are what characterize our engineers.
  • All project activities are controlled by our Quality Assurance Department. The processes are continuously updated and improved to meet customers' requirements which are more and more sophisticated.
  • IFI Solution spends lots of efforts in recruiting young engineers. We have them trained by putting them under the command of our experienced junior and senior project leaders.

Continuous human resource development

We not only apply a very strict recruitment process but also carry out continuous training activities on:

  • Working method
  • Skills development
  • New product training
  • Customer business
  • Foreign languages

We use around 8% of our annual operational budget for staff training.

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