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The PYCO Group, originated with the founding Pyramid Consulting, a creative digital and web development company founded in 1999 in Belgium. Throughout its 14 years of operation in Vietnam and abroad, Pyramid Consulting has broadened its initial service of web and mobile development for advertising agencies around the globe to state-of-the-art software development. In addition, it has set up two new companies in Vietnam thanks to its partnerships with Yellow Pepper, a mobile financial network corporation from the US, and more recently, Atlassian, Australia’s leading provider of collaboration software.

Global-scale clients making use of the PYCO Group’s products and services include Atlassian, Microsoft, Samsung, Volkswagen, Wal-Mart, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn, and Cisco amongst many others.

Our Mission

With cutting-edge technologies at its fingertips and a global presence, the PYCO Group is truly a new breed of software development and web/mobile outsourcing for worldwide enterprises and agencies.

We are TECH Addicts.

At the PYCO Group, we appreciate our TECH:


Being part of a team means achieving greater results. With leaders and colleagues from around the globe that support, encourage, and share information with one another, you know you’ll always have people by your side ready to help.


With the latest skills and technology at your fingertips, you’ll have a chance to go from being “good” to “ever improving.” Members of the PYCO Group are never content with staying idle and always strive to enrich and expand their skills to even greater heights.


Would you prefer a mundane desk job or a career that constantly challenges your abilities and requires you to keep up with the latest trends? If you’re an excitement-seeker, join the PYCO Group now and face your next challenge!


Like any state-of-the-art computing system, the PYCO Group is not just about any one team, project, or common skill set. We look at the bigger picture in order to provide our clients with a complete, user-friendly, and well-integrated service.

Vì sao làm việc với chúng tôi?

Here at the Pyco Group, we don’t just offer you a job, we offer you your future. Here’s your chance to get your hands on…

  • The latest technologies for mobile & web development
  • Cutting-edge collaborative software development
  • State-of-the-art mobile financial software development
  • Teammates that challenge you to exceed your limits
  • The finest IT tools to raise your potential to even greater heights
  • The power to deliver some truly awesome products & services
  • A career path that allows you to learn and grow
  • On-the-job English training with a foreign teacher
  • Attractive annual bonuses
  • Private health care program
  • Project Celebration Party

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