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Dentsu Vietnam is a 100% foreign-owned Advertising agency established in 2003. Being a part of Dentsu Aegis Network, a worldwide network in 145 countries with 30,000 passionate people, Dentsu Media Vietnam aims to realize “Integrate Communication Design” by maximizing the power of media, sports and entertainment contents. For enhancing the values of Clients’ brands, our solution must be involving into more seamless, innovative and entertaining as well.

Vietnam is quite challenging market, so we still believe the energy generated in this emerging market can break through even the conventional way of media agency business. The agency’s clients include Toyota, Lexus, Yamaha, Canon, Ajinomoto, Kao and Saigon Tourist Group, among others.

The 3 things that make us different:

Opportunity enabler: Dentsu Vietnam distinctive strength is to facilitate business synergies thanks to its large Client portfolio.

Hub of knowledge: We provide powerful market & customer insights to various industries thanks to extensively proprietary research tools.

Performance-driven: As a part of Dentsu Network, Dentsu Vietnam with 60 strong talents has sufficiently provided, Dentsu Vietnam is able to provide through the line communication services from Brand Consultancy, Creative Concept and Development, Promotion, Digital to Media Planning and Buying.

Philosophy – “Good Innovation”

By “innovation” we are not just talking about just technological innovation. We mean reforming our organization and business model to create new, significantly social value, and drawing on new ideas that give form to our vision of being a business group that can help create a brighter, happier future for society.

The 3 Elements of innovation:

  • Ideas
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology


Dentsu has the privilege of working with a wide variety of well known companies in the world like Toyota, Canon… and we work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first. We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve both boosting up sales and increasing positive recognition that are beyond clients’ expectation. That’s the reason why there are more and more clients choosing Dentsu as a credible agency to work with including:

Vì sao làm việc với chúng tôi?

At Dentsu Media, we scan the horizon of the future to identify emerging social trends and deliver solutions that are a step ahead of the times.

Continually reaching ahead, we work as true partners, think creatively, to help our clients achieve succes.

Join us to make it happen and bright your career path.

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100 - 500 Nhân viên

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Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Nhật, Tiếng Việt

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