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Teaching and learning at RMIT Vietnam

RMIT Vietnam is committed to providing quality education. The degree you will receive after successful completion of your studies in Vietnam is a global RMIT University degree. The learning outcomes and assessments for courses taught in Vietnam are equivalent to those delivered at RMIT Melbourne.

Academic staff employed at RMIT International University Vietnam work in collaboration with academic staff from RMIT University Melbourne to customise the materials that are prepared in Melbourne for delivery in Vietnam, and to facilitate the teaching and learning processes at RMIT Vietnam. The academic’s role at RMIT Vietnam is focused on adding value to the teaching and learning process through creative facilitated learning.

The teaching and learning model at RMIT Vietnam is based on international best practice and includes classroom learning experiences, facilitated on-line and self-directed learning by students, and peer learning.

Teaching and learning at RMIT University Vietnam is characterised by:

  • Student-centred learning that recognises and reflects the different learning styles that each student brings to the learning process.
  • Content that is relevant to real-world, real-time issues and that reflects both Vietnamese and global context in which our students (will) live and work.
  • Capabilities that equip our students to perform professionally in the workplace and effectively as citizens and to be positive players in the development of their country.
  • A proficiency in English language that meets international standards for participation in higher education.
  • Learning outcomes that demonstrate an ability to theorise as well as to apply the knowledge and skills acquired as an RMIT student.
  • International perspectives that both reflect the globalisation of today’s world and that equip our students to live and operate in a global context.
  • Supported by excellent facilities, technology, resources and systems that enable and enhance the teaching and learning processes.
  • Being part of a learning continuum that is both life-long and life-wide.
  • Continuous monitoring, evaluation, and improvement processes that meet the quality standards for RMIT University, and Vietnamese and Australian Government requirements.
  • Qualified staff, expert in their discipline field receive training in university teaching and learning, and on-going professional development as part of their employment at RMIT Vietnam.

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At RMIT Vietnam, we recognise that our employees are looking for something a bit different, whether it's the opportunity to work in an international environment, or the unique experience of working for an Australian university in a fascinating and rapidly developing country like Vietnam.

As a multicultural higher education organisation with over 600 employees there are a broad range of career opportunities at RMIT Vietnam. Around 60 percent of our employees are Vietnamese, and our foreign employees come from around 28 different countries. We welcome applications from both Vietnamese and foreign candidates who have the required qualifications and a 'can do' attitude, to join our staff as academics, English teachers or in the professional services.

If that's you, browse the options below and see how working with us can work for you.

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