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Indo Trans Logistics – ITL is dedicated to the goal of being the premier regional solutions provider for integrated Logistics, Freight & transports management and Aviation Services. By playing an essential role in our clients’ businesses and delivering value added services throughout the supply chain with the highest quality service and the highest integrity, we aimed for complete customer satisfaction at all times.

ITL endeavors to stay ahead with a creative solutions and the development of new service products to provide customers with unparalleled, innovative yet cost effective solutions. Our success is attributed by our employees and measured by the enrichment of the quality of life for our people and to fulfill our social and civil responsibilities to the communities we serve.


To establish ITL as an admired leader in the regional transportation industry.


To provide the most integrated and innovative transportation, aviation and e-commerce logistics services with mutual respect and extreme goodwill to those we serve.

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With the spirit I AM POSSIBLE, six hundred young and aggressive members of ITL are always ready to strive for the satisfaction of customers. The team with vast experience from local companies and Multinational Corporations (MNCs) is united together to share the same belief of success. It is the company’s policy to ensure that all staff is equipped with proper and adequate training to be able to excel in their task to meet with customers’ demands each and every time. The faith of clients and partner that we gain is the motivation that is driven down to staff at all levels to ensure unmatched services are being applied to all tasks regardless of the size and complexity.

Our people understand the need to make our customers satisfied. Enthusiasm is the key characteristic at every level of the company and our dynamic human resource is the prime factor why our customers enjoy working with us. The management and staff of ITL work not only for the company but more so for wellbeing of our customers and their businesses.

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