Blowing Service Manager

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Job Descriptions

  • Lead PET blowing agenda of SPVB to ensure smooth operation and bottle supply capacity, through setting up and providing technical support and building up staff capability.

Blowing service activities:

  • Build standard operating procedures (SOPs) for company owned blowers at all plants.
  • Set up key performance indicators (KPIs) for PET blower and actively lead KPIs improvement plan to ensure sufficient PET bottle supply as well as cost productivity at all plants.
  • Build and standardize Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) of blowing plants and ensure maintenance agenda is timely and effectively performed at all sites.
  • Build annual budget plan and spare parts centralization to ensure high efficiency and cost optimization of blowing plants for the whole BU.
  • Support all plants in solving major issues/ breakdowns relating to blower to ensure PET volume and blowing KPI’s met.
  • Provide technical support for execution of PET/closure productivity projects (PET lightweight, shortneck…) at all plants to ensure project timeline and productivity saving met the targets.

People development:

  • Set up Blowing team of SPVB through building org chart, Roles/RAM of each position and involvement in interviews if required.
  • Build up capability of Blowing staff at all plants through driving SPVB


  • Provide technical supports to BU/ Region MSO to develop new preform/ closure suppliers as per business needs.
  • Work with BU/Region MSO to get supports from PET bottle/ preform/ closure suppliers and blower manufacturers when needed.
  • Actively deal with blower’s manufacturers for spare parts or services cost and work with preform/closure for solving issues of PET blowing.

Job Requirements

  • BA in Mechanical, Electrical, Automation Engineering or other related technical field
  • At least 05 years of experience in blowing technology at supervisory level up
  • Good facilitation/training/coaching skill
  • Trouble shooting with corrective action for blower break-down issue, new recipe setting
  • Good negotiation, team work, planning and communication skill
  • Good English in communication/writing and understanding technical documents
  • Competent at Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to work under high pressure

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