Branding Internship

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Job Descriptions

  • Head up learn.
  • Head down to work.
  • Turn your mind to listen.
  • Help a hand to make something happen.
  • When people ask, you answer.

Scope of Works

There are 3 senior team members in team (include brand manager as top supervisor), take care all of these following scope

  • Brand development
  • Corporate Brand Communication
  • Category brand communication
  • Market research
  • Employer branding
  • Internal branding
  • Investor branding
  • Risk & Crisis management .You follow any request from these guys.

Job Requirements

Proven Evidences

Ex-part-time jobs , education award ,how about your friends.


  • Basic about strategic branding management
  • Understand: What is communication?
  • Understand how communication industry being organized is a plus
  • Understand how modern business organization is a plus
  • Followed and understand e-commerce history is a plus


Please share with us about your last activities, in life, school, part time jobs,… whatever it is we want to hear.


  • English is must have, for reading, writing, communicating, documentation, expertise conversation with international expert.
  • Creative skill combine with well organization skill.


  • Global business mindset
  • Team work and treasure members’ works
  • Align personal goals with company goals


  • Make it happen
  • Seriously mature
  • Invest mind and heart into common goals
  • Leading Market behavior
  • Really look forward to e-commerce emerging

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