Job Description

  • Serve the customers well, keep their satisfaction with Hypermarket. Ensure the correctness and efficiency of the work.
  • Maintain and improve the customer service levels
  • Objective: financial result
  • The improvement of the staff’s skills and the communication in the store
  • In charge of supervising Cashier Sub-department:
    • To ensure all the Cashier tasks be done on time.
    • To assign the working shift together with half-shift break time for cashier staff.
    • To optimize the cashier productivity
    • To keep booked all the cash during the day.
    • To train and coach for the new staff simultaneously popularize all the new working instruction, regulations in order to update the latest information to all staff.
    • To set tills be ready at the beginning of each shift and prepare small changes.
    • To log out tills during the half-shift break time.
    • To log off tills at the end of working day.
    • Be in charge of destroying damaged or mistaken invoices.
    • To ensure the cleanliness and hygiene in the check-out area.
    • To contact with related department to ensure the smooth operation of all equipment and devices needed.
    • To solve all problems relating with invoices, check out documents and deliver directly to HO Cashier departments.
    • To manage all the stationery with the minimum cost.
    • Support check GAP ( base on GAP list and promotion Mail list)
    • Manage customer’s deposit using

Job Requirements

  • Experience: At least 2 years of working experience as the same position at Supermarket/Hypermarket
  • Knowledge: Overall apprehension of the store, assortment structure, processes, systems and procedures
  • Skills: Loyalty and commitment to follow company procedures , Very good analytical ability and good planning and organizational skills, Good written and verbal communication skills, Coaching and training skills, Teamwork and co-operation, Strong focus on customer needs, and can work under pressure
  • Personality: Customer oriented, Responsible. Well organized, Calm, Problem solvers, Result oriented, High- disciplined

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