A Digital Creative Lead is responsible for the conception, design, and execution of digital visuals to be used in online advertising, digital marketing, and even print advertising. You’ll probably be in charge of a small, collaborative group of Designers, and it will be your job as Digital Art Director to guide their technical and creative contributions.

Job Descriptions

  • Determine how best to represent a concept visually.
  • Determine which photographs, art, or other design elements to use.
  • Develop the overall look or style of a digital platform, publication, advertising campaign, or theater, television, or film set…
  • Supervise design staff. Meets art department work standards by following production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving operational problems; identifying work process improvements.
  • Review and approve designs, artwork, photography, and graphics developed by staff members.
  • Talk to clients to develop an artistic approach and style.
  • Develop detailed budgets and timelines.
  • Present designs to clients for approval.

Job Requirements

  • 5 years hands-on experience in digital/ communication, social media and/or content marketing, preferably in a social or digital agency.
  • Ability to think outside the box and awareness of digital trends.
  • Being proficient in digital design, while also being very knowledgeable of usability, UX and technology.
  • Being an expert with the latest software and online tools/services that allow him/her to express creativity and generate better work.
  • Understands the strengths and limitations of evolving technologies and trends such as Responsive Web Design (RWD), HTML5/CSS3, mobile apps, and social media.
  • Presents a strong design portfolio showcasing a variety of interactive projects, including but not limited to websites, rich media, mobile websites, and native phone/tablet apps (roles and responsibilities on each project must be clearly stated in the portfolio).
  • Has strong management skills.
  • Being detail focused, goal oriented, and well organized.Excellent command of English, both verbal and written communication
  • Independent, determined; loves taking responsibility and problem solving.
  • Pushes for the best possible work and stands-up for great ideas.
  • Skills: Coordination, Creativity, Vision, Project Management, Product Management, Organization, Graphic Design Skills, Developing Creative Standards, Illustration Tools, Desktop Publishing Skills, Multimedia Content Development…


  • Competitive salary.
  • AON Insurance.
  • Late-afternoon meal bonus.
  • Year-end 13rd month bonus.
  • Annual company trip.

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