Credit Risk Assessment Manager

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Job Description

  • Setting up risk limit and managing them.
  • Establishing reasonable (affordable) draft about risk limit considering risk appetite of bank and set up risk limit on each types of risk.
  • Watching the amount of risks compared to the risk limit and reports the present status on a regular basis.
  • Assessing the internal capital adequacy of bank and report the present status on a regular basis.
  • Measuring, analyzing and managing credit risk
  • Supporting management decision by carrying out scenario analysis and special analysis about various issues relating to credit risk
  • Setting up credit portfolio and analyzing the present status on a regular basis.
  • Calculating risk weighted assets(RWA) and managing
  • Calculating indexes relating to assets soundness and loan provisions and managing them.
  • Operating credit evaluation models and managing them.
  • Measuring, analyzing and managing liquidity & interest rate risk
  • Managing liquidity & interest rate risk within appropriate limit
  • Managing the volatility risk of corporate value and interest revenue according to interest rate change
  • Analyzing the present structure of assets & liabilities by carrying out liquidity & interest rate analysis, and then improving the system of raising & operating funds by cooperating with
  • Treasury department.
  • Conducting stress test relating to liquidity risk.
  • Measuring, analyzing and managing operational risk Establishing policy & procedure relating to operation risk and managing them.
  • Analyzing the results of calculation of capital required for operation risk
  • Establishing internal loss data collection process and management principles and evaluating their effectiveness.
  • Measuring, analyzing and managing market risk
    Monitoring bank-wide and each product market risk limit and report on a regular basis.
  • Loan review
  • Review the adequacy of credit assessment and the adequacy & timeliness of loan administration about loan customers subject to monitoring check up
  • Requesting the detected problems to be corrected.
  • Managing the risk management procedures and regulations.
  • Establishing regulations regarding to risk management timely.
  • Supporting the risk management committee activity.
  • Proposing proper solutions after seeking defects of present risk management methodology and process.
  • Proposing recommendations after reviewing and analyzing risk factors regarding to new products, new business and changing regulations.
  • Making reports regarding to state of the management and risk management.
  • Managing the risk management systems
  • Managing the risk management systems to secure they are running correctly
  • Suggesting for system upgrade for more appropriateness
  • Making a plan and managing juniors
  • Making a plan for risk management
  • Managing and training juniors.
  • May perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Specialize on credit assessment and strong credit review foundation
  • Recognize and measure risks which are burdens on the bank’s management.
  • Make sure that internal capital adequacy and all kinds of risks are under control, and within the set up limits
  • Support the management decision based on scenario analysis and special analysis about various issues.

Delegation of Authority

  • To request relevant HO departments and branches for risk management and risk limit compliance
  • To request relevant HO departments and branches to correct detected problems relating credit activity and Risk Data Mart System.
  • To manage juniors and give 1st evaluation on job performance of lower position staff (within the department)

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor in Banking finance or relevant
  • At least 5 years’ experience in Credit Assessment in Corporate and Retail banking and 1 year experience in managing level
  • Practical knowledge of risk management
  • Practical knowledge of credit risk
  • Knowledge of derivatives
  • Practical knowledge of financial products
  • Practical knowledge of ALM
  • Practical knowledge of market risk
  • Practical knowledge of financial management
  • Practical knowledge of finance mathematics
  • Skills of statistic analysis
  • Skills of credit analysis
  • Management skill

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138 Hai Bà Trưng, Đa Kao, Hồ Chí Minh, Quận 1, Việt Nam
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