Customer Service Team Leader

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Position Summary:
To assist CSM daily on management sales operation in term of customer servicing processes; to direct accounts such as those of distributors, draught beer outlets; to plan and execute customer service operation from order to cash; to ensure that all sales operation be followed properly as per procedure at all times.

Job Description

  • Customer Relationship Management: Builds relationships with customers, generating trust and credibility and proactively fulfilling customer service requirement
    • Handles complaints to satisfy customer requirements.
    • Provides accurate information to Sales upon request regarding customer orders placed.
    • Provides information on order status upon customer request.
    • Proactively contacts customers to ask for feedback on (a) quality of order management process, (b) complaints regarding handling, (c) service policy.
    • Investigates regularly the satisfaction and further needs of the customer after delivery of the product.
    • Makes proposals that meet both short- and long-term needs of the customer.
  • Customer Service Planning: Sets customer service targets and initiatives, in line with company strategy
    • Takes into consideration service Level targets and works together with other departments to achieve it (Commerce, Supply Chain, Production).
    • Understands customer requirements by channel and communicates those needs within the OpCo.
    • Implements processes of continuous improvement to bring value to customers, in line with internal objectives.
    • Sets challenging targets to push the organization towards excellence in customer service level from Order-To- Cash.
    • Acts as project leader of customer initiatives mobilizing the departments involved (Sales; IT).
    • Monitors process KPIs and acts accordingly Analyses KPIs, monitors trends and determines improvement actions.
  • Order Management: Adds value to the customer and the company through the order management process
    • Ensures incoming orders are checked and sent to warehousing and transportation departments, within the cut-off timetable.
    • Understands the priority and criticality of different customers, channels and situations.
    • Reports mandatory KPIs on order management performance.
    • Adjusts the stock allocation process and logic to maximize customer service in line with RTM and channel strategy.
    • Increases visibility on customer performance to improve order acceptance process (e.g.ordering patterns, payment history, etc.).
    • Collaborates with Finance to improve the credit check process.
    • Supports TPM logistics improvement Routes.
    • Provides his/her team with guidelines on the handling of critical customers and critical issues.
    • Influences customers to modify their ordering behaviour to improve total supply chain performance (e.g. Influence delivery frequency, order size, assortment).
  • Accounts Receivables Management: Executes the accounts receivables process accurately, according to credit guidelines
    • Sends information periodically to the customers of their financial account position.
    • Escalates potential issues on time to ensure the proper solution.
    • Communicates efficiently and frequently with Sales Team to have all necessary information available.
    • Shares information with Sales/ Logistics about blocked orders customers.
  • Financial Understanding: Understands the financial and logistics impact of customer service in the organization
    • Reports the mandatory KPIs related to financial performance (e.g. Overdue days, DSO
    • Shows understanding of the whole Order-To-Cash process.
  • Commercial Understanding. Understands the commercial processes and objectives and their relevance for the Order-To-Cash process. Understands and identifies:
    • The commercial strategy for each channel (price, service, innovation) and strategic importance of different customers/channels.
    • The impact of changes in the pricing strategy and promotions in the sales volume.
    • Reports issues when strategic customers/specific promotional activities are affected by stock or capacity shortages.
    • The cost of lost sales or order backlog.
    • Gives proper priority to the complaints management related to critical customers.
    • Checks whether the Order-To- Cash procedures are meeting the requirements of critical customers/ channels.
  • Reports: Prepare and monitor report
    • Contract flow/process.
    • Promotion summary for deduct or ex-brewery program.
    • Collect Statement on time & Update sales team timely about the statement collection status & Statement report.
    • Complete termination / transfer right / contracts in time.
    • KPI Report.
  • Others
    • Carry out other duty assigned by LM

Job Requirement

  • University graduation/Bachelors in banking/finance/trade or related profession.
  • At least 3 years of experience.
  • Good communication & negotiation skills.
  • Numerical skill, accuracy and carefulness.
  • Risk management skills.
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Good planning skills, forward thinking.
  • Good competence on Microsoft Windows applications.
  • Active, helpful, hard-working and cooperation attitude.
  • Integrity & knowledge of administration.
  • Fluency in English (both compositional and oral).

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