Job Description

  • Lead strategic planning across social and digital platforms on a monthly basis to provide direction for a brand’s presence.
  • Liaise with clients to attain an ever evolving understanding of their changing needs and adapting our approach to social media management for them accordingly.
  • Track the effect of campaign on the client’s digital platforms to showcase the effectiveness of our digital marketing.
  • Collaborate with the different internal teams to create and deliver best-in-class digital media and content-driven campaigns for our clients.
  • Deep-dive into digital media analytics (especially SocialHeat) to understand why certain content/channel performs better than the rest and providing actionable insights for our clients backed by social data.
  • Spearhead the process of social advertising and content promotion across social media platforms, optimizing for the client’s objectives.

Job Requirement

  • A minimum of 2 years hands-on experience in digital media and/or social marketing, preferably in a digital agency with proven portfolio in developing, executing and managing digital media accounts is imperative.
  • A wide interest in the intersection between technology and culture/human behavior.
  • Deep understanding and strong working knowledge of social media platforms (e.g Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Snapchat) and their role in forming and being part of a larger digital ecosystem.
  • Possess the ability to create a well thought out, data-backed strategic plan of action for clients for campaigns.
  • Developed more digitally-oriented planning skills alongside the core craft e.g. social listening, web analytics content planning.
  • Very strong analytical skills and ability to mine large sets of data for actionable insights.
  • Strong strategic and creative thinking with a passion for delivering best-in-class work.
  • Extroverted with well-developed interpersonal, team building and relationship management skills.
  • Excellent command of English, both verbal and written communication.
  • Independent, determined; loves taking responsibility and problem solving.
  • Pushes for the best possible work and stands-up for great ideas.


  • Gain deep knowledge about online behavior of consumers regarding the assigned product categories.
  • Working in international and active environment.
  • Working with good agile-based development processes.
  • Opportunities to be promoted to higher positions.
  • Annual bonus salary, annual trip, good health care and social insurance.
  • Stock plan benefit.
  • Participate in YouNet training program: Project Management and Leadership, etc.

Địa chỉ văn phòng

70 Lữ Gia, Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
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