Ecommerce Executive

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Overview Of Duty

  • Carry out sales plan and achieve monthly target.
  • Manage room occupancy and suggest room rates depending on every period in order to maximize revenue.
  • Use Extranet to manage information, room rates, allotment, promotion …of OTAs and ensure rates parity among OTAs.
  • Search and analyze competitors and market.
  • Report to DOS

Job Descriptions

  • Check room occupancy regularly and be responsible for closing/ opening allotment at 2 hotels LCC & LCR toward all B2B & B2C partners.
  • Brief report about Occ, Rev, ADR in hand of the current month & the next month of 2 hotels and send information to sales team.
  • Update regularly room rates of competitors and market status and report to DOS.
  • Suggest promotion and room rates according with hotel’s room occupancy & every period in order to maximize revenue of 2 hotels.
  • Be responsible for adjusting promotion, room rates, allotment on OTAs’ website and ensure rates parity among them.
  • Work with Corp & Leisure managers in order to fix room rates and avoid conflicting rates of 3 segments.
  • Work directly with related departments in hotel ( such as: reservation, FO, accountant…) to solve problems regarding pick up, booking, commission, invoice, service…
  • Check and reply email, telephone of customers and partners in order to respond their queries, provide information, amend booking…
  • Work directly with partners about room rates, contracts, hotel information, new promotion, campaign or any problems about booking…
  • Handle over booked: forecast which days hotel can receive over bookings, contact with hotels in the same location and have plan to move guets.
  • Read guest’s comments on websites and send to hotel management to find out a way to surmount if having any bad comments.
  • Regularly check information uploaded on website of OTAs to make sure all information displayed is correct; besides update new information and images if have any.
  • Search and develop new markets, suggest to Dos to contract with new company if they are potential and bring business effects for hotels.
  • Do other duties following Dos’s request.

Job Requirements

  • 1 or 2-year experience in a similar position.
  • Extremely high spirit of Customer Service.
  • Computer skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • English: Good communication skills.

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