EFL Support & Admin Officer

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Job Description


  • Support the administration and EFL functions to ensure smooth and efficient implementation of the centre


  • EFL support
  • Accuracy test arrangement
  • Test schedule
    • Accuracy test schedule according to the class situation on the software
    • Teachers and relevant departments are being informed about the test schedules and any changes
  • Test packs preparation
    • Test packs are prepared and given to teachers as the timeline in the test schedule
  • Test result
    • Teachers are informed about the deadline of returning the marked test
    • Accurate test results are updated and informed to relevant departments in a timely manner
    • Accurate test results are updated on the online report system timely for teachers to write reports
  •  Reports and certificates
    • Ensure all finishing classes to have reports completed by teachers as the given deadline 2 days after the last lessons
    • Certificates are given to all students on the last lesson
  • Adminnistration support:
    • Supporting resource room
      • Giving general support to teachers and other staff in resource room
      • Stationeries and other materials are enough for teachers uses
  • Other administration tasks:
    • Manage security guards and tea-ladies: Centre is safe, neat and tidy
    • Prepare and maintain equipment: Equipment are in good condition to use and are enough for centre’s need. Keeping a list of equipment to ensure no equipment gone missing

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