Equity and Diversity Resource Centre Advisor

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Job Description

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of Vietnamese and international disability support frameworks, legislation, issues, networks and trends, and undertake research and training as appropriate.
  • Create and distribute informational and teaching materials (electronic and hard copy as needed) to English and Academic teaching staff to foster the development of awareness and support for students with disability across RMIT Vietnam’s sites in Hanoi and Saigon South.
  • With the Manager EDRC, negotiate the provision of services to students with a disability via internal departments at RMIT Vietnam and the Disability Liaison Unit at RMIT Melbourne, as well as external agencies as required.
  • Consult and form a partnership with professional, management and teaching staff to ensure that an effective teaching practice and an inclusive learning environment are created. Engender confidence in teaching students with disabilities in academic staff to meet RMIT’s responsibility to students with a disability and/or long term medical condition.
  • Assess the educational impact of students presenting with a disability and evaluate supporting evidence. Define Reasonable Accommodations to encourage independent learning and to meet legislative responsibilities and make appropriate recommendations to relevant staff in-line with Reasonable Accommodations, best practices in disability support and any relevant legislative requirements.
  • Create, develop and deliver EDRC specific professional workshops for students and staff at RMIT Vietnam across all programs and Centres. The Advisor will adapt and contextualise the workshop sessions and materials where appropriate.
  • Actively engage with the teaching and learning community within RMIT Vietnam and beyond. Engagement will include contribution to online and social media content produced or commissioned by Wellbeing, as well as raising awareness of disability and disability related issues within the university and within the National context.
  • Participate in special events such as those for prospective or current students, and relevant internal and external conferences and symposiums. Support and engage with relevant scholarship applicants and sponsoring organisations.
  • Other relevant duties as delegated by the Manager EDRC/Senior Manager Wellbeing

Job Requirement

  1. Previous experience supporting students with a range of learning and/or physical disabilities, as well as assessing the educational impact of their disability and evaluating supporting evidence.
  2. Experience in advocating and negotiating with academic staff on changes to assessments in order to improve students’ learning experience and outcomes.
  3. Thorough understanding of the educational impacts of a broad range of disabilities in a transnational university with an international student and staff population.
  4. Demonstrated capacity to assess educational needs, legislative requirements and educational practices.
  5. Demonstrated capacity to foster independence, appropriate risk taking and learning skills amongst adult students with disabilities.
  6. Highly refined written and verbal communication skills.
  7. Able to work independently and contribute as a valuable member of the Wellbeing team.
  8. Skilled in the use of technology as a teaching and learning tool.
  9. Ability to display appropriate behaviours in line with the position, as per the RMIT Behavioural Capability Framework (Connectedness, Commitment to Excellence – Improve and Simplify; Imagination and Innovation; Impact; Inclusion; Agility)

Qualifications and Pre-requisites


A Master degree in a relevant educational and/or disability related field and experience in a tertiary education environment.


Post-graduate certification in an area of learning or physical disability support.

English Proficiency

  • English is the language of teaching and communication at RMIT Vietnam. For this role, the minimum requirement is IELTS (Academic 7.5) with a score of at least 6.5 (or equivalent, as outlined in the Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding Guidelines).
  • For any role, English Language Proficiency may also be proven by showing successful completion of secondary education to a level qualifying to enter university study while being instructed through the medium of English, as per the RMIT University recognised qualification list.

Work Permit

  • All foreign employees must adhere to the requirements for obtaining a valid visa and work permit in Vietnam. These requirements are mandated by the Government and may be over and above the mandatory requirements and key selection criteria. Work permit requirements are subject to change.
  • RMIT Vietnam accepts zero tolerance to non-adherence of the immigration laws of Vietnam.


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