Job Descriptions

  • Analyse forecast meteorology conditions at the departure & intended destination to determine aircraft take-off & landing limitations
  • Dispatch the aircraft on the correct routing, ensuring all navigational rules & operational requirements are met
  • Provide a comprehensive flight briefing as required to operating Captains on all aeronautical information
  • Provide pre-fuel & total fuel orders to Engineering
  • Provide Load Control with Loadsheet, fuel & aircraft regulated takeoff weight limitation required for weight & balance sheets
  • Computes in accordance with JP policies & aircraft performance data, pre-flight fuel requirements for each sector flight to enable operating Captains to ensure fuel ordered complies with Company & Regulatory authorities minimum operating requirements
  • Files the ATS flight plan in the required format plus any notifications of subsequent changes/cancellations to all enroute ATC authorities
  • Other duties as instructed by Management
  • Pre-flight fuel requirements
  • Analysis of meteorological conditions
  • Cancellations & notifications to ATC
  • Contact to Airport Authority all flights (schedule & Non schedule) Departure/Landing/Overflight permits & alternate airports for adhoc schedule or additional flights and long term schedule.
  • For adhoc schedule, dispatchers have to analysic pax figures, airport limits, crew, and ability of aircrafts to meet their requirements.

Job Requirements

Person Specifications

  • The ability to handle multiple tasks
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • The ability to work within strictly defined deadlines
  • Sound prioritizing and time management skills
  • Proven problem solving skills
  • Prepared to work in a strong team environment
  • Strong analytical skills

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Aviation, Engineering or any Degree that is relevant in Aviation knowledge or experience in Aircraft performance, navigation & meteorology such as that obtained through Pilot training, Flight Operations or Air Traffic Control activities
  • Knowledge of Company route structure
  • ATC Procedures & notifications to ATC
  • Scheduling procedures

* Email subject Application to Flight Dispatcher

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