Floor Manager Non Food & Nfif

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Job Descriptions

  • The FM guarantees in his departments the achievement of the different economic budgets by managing his area of responsibility and by supporting the decisions made by SM or HQ in the most efficient way.
  • The FM’s activities, which lead to the achievement of objectives, have three main objectives:
  • Maintain/grow loyalty of targeted customers for own division/departments.
  • Maintain and improve on sales budget, cost control, margin for all categories particularly food.
  • The improvement of the staff’s skills and the communication in the store.

Job Requirements

Work on results, analyze deviation between budget and actual situation, if necessary make action plans and follow up conveying company’s strategies, policies and departmental objectives to the team especially the head of department for successful implementation . Lead a high motivated team by role model and give head of department the possibility to take initiatives.

Manage his area with the following routines:


  • Check together with his DS the cleanliness, tidiness, presentation, freshness, quality, rail card, 0 stock especially MM, planogram, trolley with remaining articles, etc, to sum up check result for daily activities of department.
  • Check turnover especially MM sales, stock level, lists of 0 stocks, 1/2 stocks, minus stocks, daily inventories (10 items per department), articles change, price correction, stock correction, situation of good receiving, ordering, price deviations.
  • Office routine: mails, customer complaints, meetings, discussions, etc.


  • Preparation of the next MM presentation & ordering with the head of department.
  • Checking and approving department working schedules.
  • Update special reports (old stock, articles status one without stock, etc.)


  • Checking and approving monthly inventory list of (fresh food) departments.
  • Meeting with his head of department for a general overview of TO, shrinkage, FTE (full time employee), rotation, customer’s information with the FM of the CC, general


  • Preparation execution of the yearly inventory.
  • Evaluation of the performance of head of department in his/her responsibility area.
  • Working relationships


  • Store manager
  • Buyer
  • Other Floor Managers
  • DS, ADS and Staff


  • Customers
  • Suppliers

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