HR Director/Manager

Việc làm đã hết hạn

(*) HR experiences are preferred but not required. Candidates in other fields including sale, marketing, business development, technology without HR experiences are welcomed to submit the application.

Job Description

The HR director/manager will be responsible for staff training, employee benefit package, corporate culture and recruitment. It will be both at the retail store level and office level. The HR director/manager position will oversight the recruitment, training and C&B team.

The HR director/manager is responsible for:

  • Developing the benefit package to make sure Concung competitive in the market. The package should be KPI oriented with high reward for good performance.
  • Building branding strategy for talent acquisition at all levels including working with top-tier universities and professional networks.
  • Implement the internship, recruitment program to prepare and provide human resources meeting the high demand of growth.
  • Implement the Concung Corporate culture of  transparency, result oriented and fast decision making process.
  • (*) A candidate admitted as a manager position will be preferred to grow to the director position.

Job Requirements

  • Experiences in HR related positions is preferred but not required. We accept candidates with no HR background.
  • Currently, holding manager or director position
  • Bachelor degree or higher from top-tier institutions
  • Exceptional in creativity, planning and excecution
  • Ready to use high tech for HR training, branding and recruitment
  • Age: 28 – 35


  • Director:  $40,000 – $75,000/year
  • Manager:  $24,000 – $30,000/year
  • Participate in the Employee Stock Option Program

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