Job Descriptions

  • Get the full experience of being a P&Ger by working on a live business project that you will own, lead, and deliver
  • Experience a truly global work environment – interacting daily with P&Gers from various backgrounds, nationalities, and markets
  • Attend leadership colleges and functional trainings delivered by some of the best, most experienced P&G leaders recognized in the industry
  • Get continuous mentoring as you learn-on-the-job when you are assigned your own P&G
  • Manager and Intern Buddy to coach and guide you throughout the way
  • Feel like a true leader by presenting your work to P&G senior executives during your midpoint and final presentations
  • Receive compensation for your work, because P&G offers monthly paid internships
  • Get the chance to receive a Job Offer from P&G for a full-time management position in the department you interned in, even before you graduate

Job Requirements

  • University students graduating in 2017 and are interested in pursuing HR internship with P&G
  • Has experience working with groups through formal or informal positions of leadership (ex. student organization, varsity, thesis)
  • Is driven to overcome barriers or setbacks to consistently deliver strong results
  • Feels comfortable collaborating with people from different levels, backgrounds and experiences
  • Is able to use their analytical ability to drive insights from data and come up with business or organizational decisions
  • Has strong passion to continuously stretch themselves to learn new things and grow as a professional

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