Junior Manager Program

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Job description

The Junior Managers Program at a glance:

The Junior Managers Program (JMP) is our global concept to prepare executive talent for the future. A hands-on approach is used to coach and train qualified young talent to take on a leadership role within our company. During a period of 18 to 24 months, you complete four to six assignments in your functional area, including one placement abroad. You are actively involved in day-to-day business and projects as well as benefiting from professional and individual guidance. We help you choose the right combination of assignments to match your interest sands kills. In other words, you can let us know the departments, divisions and locations where you would like to learn and exercise leadership expertise. You can count on your mentor for professional guidance along the way.

  • An entrepreneurial mindset and leadership potential
  • Innovative strength, creativity and willingness to learn
  • A sense of responsibility and the ability to work independently
  • Initiative and a high level of commitment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Team spirit and social skills
  • International experience during studies or working and Global Mindset

Currently we are looking for:

Are you our next Junior Manager?

  • Vietnamese citizenship
  • MBA and postgraduate studies welcome but not essential
  • Excellent academic achievements in
    • Production JMP: Mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, industrial engineering or similar
    • Logistic & Supply Chain JMP: Logistic and supply chain management, business & engineering or similar
    • IT & Software Development JMP: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science / Engineering or similar
    • Business Development JMP: Finance, Business & Engineering, Marketing, Public Relation or similar
  • 1 to 5 years of experience in related fields
  • Initial work experience (up to a maximum of 5years).
  • International experience gained during a semester/internship abroad or through intercultural experience in intercultural projects during working time
  • Good communication, negotiations & conflict management skills
  • Leadership potential and an entrepreneurial mindset• Inter-cultural orientation

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