Logistics Assistant

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Job Description

  • Take responsibility of making a list of goods at the shop in order to ensure the timely delivery for the shop, ensure the quantity of goods for all the shops.
  • Be in charge of receiving shipment
  • Carefully record the quantity and status of the goods received in the delivery minutes.
  • Managing the inventory, track and arrange the goods in the warehouse in the right order for easy checking and easy shipment. Besides that, the quality and quantity of goods in the warehouse and in the delivery process need to be checked carefully
  • Following up and solving all problems related to the office or informing the property management department of the building.
  • Following up and provide all office equipment and stationary equipment for the company.
  • Assist logistics manager
  • Other duties required by the supervisor.

Job Requirements

  • Be honest, quick and hard working
  • have good health to deliver goods frequently
  • Basic communicative English
  • Flexible in time, ready to work overtime as required

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