Mice Sales Executive

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Overview Of Duty

  • MICE team support to Leisure and Corporate to meet clients to introduce about hotel, products, new promotion, etc. Invite booker of company, potential guests for hotel’s site inspection and entertainment to build up relationship.
  • Market searching, company information and their plans in future to develop our business plan.

Job Descriptions

Channels to receive information from bookers

  • Clients contact by email or call direct to hotel.
  • Clients contact by email or call direct to sales.
  • Clients contact via Facebook and other social networks.

Analysis and processing of information

  • Check room availability by banquet forecast and SMILE Occupancy
  • If the request of accommodation and meeting room, MICE team will draf the proposal and consult to customers hotel’s meeting package, additional services.
  • If the guests want to book Year-end Party, Wedding, etc. MICE team will transfer information to Banquet Sales and follow up.
  • After the proposal, MICE team will follow up booker to block meeting room and get the final contract. After that, we will transfer all final information to Banquet Sales to deal for set-up, deposit, invoice details. Team MICE will follow up together with Banquet team until the event finish.


  • MICE team will have a small briefing about 5-10 minutes on Monday or Friday of each week to monitor the upcoming events, sharing difficulties to draw lessons for the team.
  • MICE team will update details information of group booking to MICE report each week to avoid duplicate bookings from Leisure and Corporate team.
  • Ensure the revenue, target of each hotel.

Send daily report to PA.DOS and A.DOS

Job Requirements

  • 1 or 2-year experience in a similar position.
  • Extremely high spirit of Customer Service.
  • Computer skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • English: Good communication skills.

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