Job Description

FUNCTIONAL OBJECTIVE: As a part of PR Team, PR Executive has objectives to:

  • Increase awareness and develop an enviable corporate image by planning & execution company PR activities effectively
  • Optimize the brand exposure in term of social network and other digital flatform
  • Be responsible to update new content on Facebook page, Facebook group, youtube channel, website and any of social networks of the brand



50 % Increase awareness and develop an enviable corporate image by execution company PR activities effectively

  • Execution of company PR activities & content development& in-house (type C &D) production campaign
  • Ensure the PR plan will be accomplished effectively and under budget
  • Handling Press Conference, Press Releases, company (type C & D )events
  • Monitoring media (including social channels) and reporting market information, brand reputation and competitors’ activities.
  • Be responsible to communicate between all departments to optimize the PR campaign
  • Other tasks as assigned by PR Manager.


  • 90% of PR plan was accomplished under budget and reported weekly
  • Releasing articles/content was picked up by 90% of PR channels
  • 100% latest content was updated on Media Board on time
  • 100% Report of PR plan was submitted on time

20% Planning company PR activities & content development

  • Proposing the most optimal approach to PR campaigns including content plan, budget, strategy and tactics.
  • Researching, looking for new trends and contents of the brands in the industry worldwide to propose innovative and suitable solutions for the company.


  • 90% of PR plan completed and approved 10 days before the actual day of releases
  • New trend report will be ready weekly to update BOD during meeting

20% Developing and maintaining good working relationships with the KOLs and media, including local and national newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, other channels

  • Build and maintain very strong relationships with online reporters/ magazine editors& TV channels to implement PR campaign
  • Build a strong network of KOLs and celebrities to support all Media activities


  • Develop and maintain an active network of 20 online contacts and 10 print magazines & TVs

10% Optimize the brand exposure in term of social network and other digital flatform

  • Be responsible to develop content plan for all social network and digital flatform such as Facebook page, Facebook group, youtube channel, website, ect

Job Requirements

  • BA degree in Business Administration/Economics/Marketing/PR/Communications or social sciences
  • At least 2 years consecutive experience in PR – Communication especially in Fitness, Health and Beauty Industry
  • Experience in holding events
  • Experience in development content, producing videos, photos
  • Experience in media network are preferred
  • Ability to develop strategies and implement plans
  • Ability to develop contents, edit (suitable and interesting contents)
  • Good verbal and written English & Vietnamese communications skills
  • Ability to work independently, under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Good problem solving and presentation skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skill to communicate effectively with a wide range of people
  • Pro-active, dynamic, organized and result-oriented
  • Caution; integrity; responsible; reliable; inspiration; determined, proactive, creative, open- minded
  • Confident, outgoing personality
  • Need Growth & Contributions

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