Job Descriptions

  • Analyze information collected from various data sources to identify and forecast user needs based on market trends.
  • Propose new features based on product position. Design solutions for those features including wireframes and mockups with navigations, UX/UI and layouts with a user-centric mindset.Compose requirement specifications for each feature.
  • Document product’s vision and project’s scope;
  • Document client’s business requirements in detail, (using use cases or functional specifications) with all assumptions and caveats included;
  • Project management: coordinate with other development teams to ensure the correctness of the features and project timeline.
  • Initiate product ideas based on statistical data and product roadmap then sell them: explain an convince team members, the management and development teams to agree with your proposed features.
  • Support UAT in testing, verifying bugs/issues with client;
  • Analyze feature in product (UX/UI, document)

Job Requirements

  • A mobile app and website geek: familiar with well-designed, especially communication.
  • Have a good perspective about product design: able to analyze why an prouduct is built in a certain way.
  • Able to use mockup software (i.e. Balsamiq) to design UX/UI, layout and navigation flows.
  • Have a superb critical reasoning skill: able to strengthen or weaken arguments based on logics.
  • Communicate with impact: able to explain complex problems in one or two sentences.
  • A persuasive mindset: defend, convince and not let your ideas shut down by other parties.
  • An attention to details and a never-satisfying attitude: able to pick out small discrepancies in layout design and propose solutions.


  • At least 2 years’ experience
  • Proven ability to document business requirements in an accurate, unambiguous and succinct fashion:
  • Self learning.
  • Problem solving.
  • Sharp, motivated co-workers in a fun office environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and conduct research in close collaboration with people in a variety of roles, including design, engineering, and product management.


  • 13th salary + performance bonus
  • Comfortable Private working Area for TECH team
  • Teambuilding + Outing trip
  • Mid-Autumn Party, Christmas party
  • Year end Party
  • With the delivery network cover more than 98% geographical area of Viet Nam, you will been welcome anywhere of VN for traveling
  • Sport club: football, badminton

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