Job Description


  • Take in action person for domain information
  • Provides timely information and decisions
  • Prioritizes requirements, defects, and other work items for the team
  • Must be active participant in modeling (sometimes mistakenly called backlog grooming or backlog refinement)
  • Must be active participant in customer testing
  • Helps the team gain access to expert stakeholders
  • Facilitates requirements modeling sessions, including requirement envisioning
  • Educates team in the business domain
  • Be the gateway to funding
  • Manages requirements dependencies with other teams, negotiating and reprioritizing as appropriate


  • Be the public face of team to project stakeholders
  • Demos the solution to key stakeholders who weren’t able to attend the normal iteration demo
  • Announces and making releases decision.
  • Communicates team status
  • Organizes milestone reviews
  • Facilitates requirements modeling sessions
  • Educates stakeholders in the development process
  • Negotiates priorities, scope, funding, and schedule

Job Requirements

  • Ideation.

    • Can analyse market and competitors.

    • Can consider strategy using business analogy.  

    • Can consider business model to make profit of product.

    • Can track and analyse situation about own product.

    • Facilitate team members to motivate, discuss together to get their opinion.

    • Can find issues user have and make plan to solve it.

    • Can identify concept.

  • Sharing goal image.

    • Can make paper prototyping.

    • Can make experience map.

    • Can define requirement.

    • Can determine tone of visual design.

  • Quality control of output

    • Can embody concept to product absolutely.

    • Can review usability and functionality of product

    • Can do direction  UI designer and propose design and suitable sentence to use.

    • Can solve contradiction from spec.

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