Job Descriptions

General scope of work

  • Organize, manage all producing activities; collaborate & test sample to create a new product to meet Supply planning requested.
  • To ensure the quality of product and food safety during the produce based on updating & improvement the control quality system and food safety.
  • Manage and continuously improve manpower in order to increase the efficient working of Dept.
  • Plan, implement, cooperate, follow, KPI evaluate, set target, Operating plan, control budget of dept, which is followed company strategy and demand plannings annual output forecast

Key Accountabilities

  • To ensure the demand planning as right output and timing
    • Planning and organizing production schedules, using efficient resources in dept.
    • Collaborate to professional Dept to solve all issues, which are raised during the produce on time
  • To ensure the stable of product quality & follow the design
    • Efficient apply controlling quality system
    • Continuously improve controlling solution, using measurable tool during produce process
  • Fuel produce cost to aim the target, which is given by Plant Manager
    • Continuously improve, innovate machines, tools
    • Arrange the working layout, machines, manpower
    • Control, follow the productivity and prescription of product
  • To ensure Dept’s acivities following Plant Manager’s direction
    • Set target, functions’ strategy, action plan, specific KPI, which is followed Plant Manager’s orientated
    • Continuously follow and adjust dept’s activitiesin order to aim the general target of factory
  • To ensure all staff be well-understand the action plan and complete tasks
    • Announce the target, action plan , specific KPI for each employees in Dept.
    • Collaborate to HR to conduct the training course, work instruction for group/ team for each produce process
    • Build a work instruction, run machine, equipment, tools and period conduct training
  • Stricly follow work safety, fire prevention
    • Strictly follow machine running requirements, PPE
    • Follow packing guidline, evacuation plan, lighting system
    • Maintain the fire prevention system, tools in workshop
  • Control and efficeicent using the budget, which was approved by leadership team
    • Build, control the operation budget in workshop based on SBU’s orientated, output planning & action planning

Job Requirements

Functional Skills

  • Strongly knowledge about 5S, ISO, HACCP
  • Strongly knowledge about working safety, Food safety


  • At least 2 years operating management experience in the manufacturing industry
  • Experience in training, coaching manpower
  • Familiar with manufacturing system

Education: University degree or equivalent


  • Analyzing and reporting skill
  • Presentation skill
  • Fluent English (read, write, listen, speak)
  • Solving problem skill
  • Strong leadership

Vietnamese cadidates only

*Please noted that sign in LinkedIn before apply

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