Purchasing Officer ( MRO )

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Job Description

  • To have capability to control and operate Maintenance – Repair – Operation (MRO) system smoothly. Be responsible for sourcing performance and deliverable for related projects;
  •  To integrate MRO in business plan. Relevant operations are coordinated with business management for systematic and sustainable management activities;
  • To research supply sources, select suppliers, conduct price analysis and negotiate to obtain the best offer available within time constraints of the requirements; ensure advantageous purchasing environment compared to competitors;
  • To centralize supplier contacts to ensure observation of related law/ regulations and to prevent illicit transactions in MRO procurement;
  • To visualize procurement status in order to optimize supplier selection and pricing operations;
  • To work with related Panasonic companies/ related department on any unique purchase requests;
  • To take part in regular supplier evaluation and to implement improvement activities if any;
  • To work closely with related departments to ensure satisfaction with suppliers’ performance. Ensure quality and cost objectives are met;
  • Other tasks assigned by Department Head.

Job Requirements

  • General:
    • 25-30 years old.
    • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably from Foreign Trade University or National Economics University.
    • Proficiency in English. Able to use Japanese is a great advantage.
  • Experience:
    • At least 2 years of relevant professional experience (preferably in indirect purchasing). Related experience in manufacturing companies is highly preferred.
    • Experienced in supplier evaluation.
    •  Comprehensive understanding of generally accepted purchasing practices, contract negotiation, compliance, related laws and regulations.
    • Customer service oriented and self-motivated.
    • Excellent communication skill and analytical skill. Able to negotiate, good in relationship management.
    • Have experience in new function set-up is an advantage.

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