Quality Control Officer

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Job Descriptions


To audit product quality to ensure the product is of acceptable quality & correct specifications, and to perform planned maintenance & calibration of QC equipment to ensure accurate & optimal performance.

  • Ensure our Q2 always achieve the specified targets and stably on the process.
  • Plan tasks/activities for implementation of infestation control in factory.
  • Plan tasks/activities for collecting, sending samples to Lab at Indonesia for Q2 testing and do analysis quality performance based on the testing result.
  • Plan task/activities to do RQA inspection People:


  • Raise alarm or red flag if undesirable quality or anomalies detected. Stop ship or stop production.
  • Hold the meeting with relevant members to find out solutions to solve problems.


  • Ensure FPI (Q2C, Q2S,RQA) performances of SMD factory are reported with cause analysis and action plans to Line Manager timely.
  • Ensure to follow up and implement quality control on the process according to procedures and work instructions.
  • Making sure that all QC records, data & information are available to Line Managers.
  • Ensure infestation control is implemented at factory to minimize infestation risks to own products.


  • Work with Production and Warehousing to take effective steps to enforce infestation control
  • Work in close relationship with technical and operator team to ensure Q2S, Q2C targets are achieved.


  • Continuous to review and revise up the procedure/work instruction to conform to the current operation.
  • Promote suggestions at working place for improvement

Job Requirements


Minimum Education, Training And Experience

  • Technical college or Food technology college.
  • Experience in quality control system.
  • Be familiar with cigarette making and packing operations.

Skills & Specialization Required

  • Possess analytical skills in interpreting quality data
  • Be able to communicate a fair in English & Vietnamese both verbally & in writing.
  • Possess intermediate IT skill namely MS Power Point, MS Word, MS Excel

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