Sales Admin Internship

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Job Description

  • Editing/ retrieving: edit soft copies, retrieve hard copies of relevant documents.
  • Contract/ Business Agreement
  • Policy report
  • Outside purchase report
  • Outside purchase contract
  • Acceptance certificate, liquidation
  • Work with operation staffs that relate
  • Monitor progress of contracts/ agreements, payments
  • Report on issues which related to contract procedures, completed process, progress of VAT invoices and money
  • Receive and deliver VAT invoices
  • Operate overall contracts
  • Administrative support: administrative procedures related to personnel in the department/ block, internal movement
  • Other required job

Job Requirements

  • Love the field of online communication
  • Education: senior year/ relevant major university graduation
  • Soft skills:
    • Systematic thinking
    • Good listening and communication skills
    • Skill to capture , receive and communicate information quickly, accurately
    • Ability to handle problems flexibly, quickly
    • Expert in office computer
  • Foreign language: good English, ability to compose documents, report, read documents in English
  • Characters
    • Be careful and full of work
    • High sense of responsibility and initiative in the work
    • Adaptive and flexible in the work
    • Ability to manage time well and progressive spirit
  • Working time
    • Stand high work pressure
    • Work overtime when requested

Profile Requirements

  • Job application, CV with photo, professional certificate (if any).
  • Email title required to specify: [] [Application position] [Full name]

Cảm ơn bạn đã đăng ký, hệ thống sẽ gởi email thường xuyên cho bạn.