Sales Representative

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Job Description

Outlet Management

  • To work at appointed working territory/location with EOE’s KPI
  • Visit outlet following MJP and fully complete the ORC for every visit:

 10 to 12 outlets for SR who in-charge of on-premise outlet only

 20 to 30 outlets for SR who in-charge of off-premise outlet only

 15 to 25 outlets for SR who in-charge of on/off-premise outlet together

  • Maintain good relationship with the owner
  • Collect all needed information as company requirement
  • To negotiate with the owner about tie-up contract
  • Execute prominent merchandising/branding as EOE KPI guideline
  • Conduct trade/consumer program
  • Ensure that all promotion programs are paid on time
  • Ensure that POSM is used rightly for selling purpose
  • Coordinate with PC/team leader to manage SA
  • Remind order taking
  • For DB outlet:

Ensure that all MT keg/CO2 /DB machine are available at outlet.

  • Conduct annual stock count.

Distributor Management:

  • To work and coordinate with appointed distributor
  • Maintain good relationship with distributor
  • To coordinate with distributor to expand distribution and conduct/pay all promotion programs with customer/outlets in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all our products are kept at good condition
  • Ensure that distributor conduct FIFO as our requirement
  • Ensure that distributor supply our product to customer on time
  • Ensure that distributor to achieve monthly/quarterly and yearly sales target.
  • Ensure that distributor pay for outstanding on time
  • Conduct monthly review with the distributor covering the above mentioned items.
  • To build up the distribution schedule.


  • To identify leading and supporting SKU for each outlet maximizing the brand portfolio.
  • Identify and establish flagship outlets.
  • To expand and develop distribution in the appointed territory
  • To achieve monthly new distribution targets and identify new outlets in the market.
  • To attack and secure competitor outlets that meets the requirements of our brands.


  • To coordinate with other colleague to implement the event/function
  • To coordinate with other sections/departments for completing sales purpose
  • To have team work spirit in working


  • Have to complete all needed paper work as company requirement as below:
  • Outlet visit: ORC, Night Visit Schedule, DB Outlet (DB Machine installation proposal/contract; ORC for MT keg/CO2 accounting; Statement report)
  • Distributor: Monthly sales Report or DIS report (without SS);
  • Tie – up: Tie-up proposal/Tie-up contract
  • SRC/Tie-up payment/GRN
  • Promotion: SRC/Promotion summary/GRN,
  • BP: – SRC; Working time sheet/Sales updated (Except HN, Vinh+HP city)
  • POSM: POS proposal/GRN; Fridge proposal/GRN
  • Signage: SPO/Signage agreement

Job Requirement

  • College graduate: Economics
  • Reasonable mathematical skills to understand pricing strategies and sales volumes
  • Good in English ( speaking )
  • Good communication and negotiation skills with an ability to forge strong relationships
  • Minimum 1 years working experience in similar job.

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