Job Descriptions

Work related to Sales

  • To control entertainment expenses of sales group, ensure they are reasonable compared to the budget of the department.
  • To report monthly revenues and inhand of each Hotel to Director of Sales, make sales minutes in daily meeting to send to all branches.
  • To receive booking calls/ email and forward information/ requests to Sales staff.
  • To support Director of Sales in getting detailed information of monthly revenue reports, details of top accounts, RN numbers/ cancellation/ lost orders/ total numbers of free offers/ information of competitors.
  • To report monthly briefings.
  • To update all Sales report forms: Quarter reports/ market share analysis/ comparison with competitors.
  • Monthly RN/ Revenue estimates.
  • Appoint Target for market share/ sales.
  • To evaluate KPI for sales staff based on monthly performance.
  • To reckon Revenue of rooms.
  • To summarize and reckon the reports of Sales staff: daily sales reports, daily RN pickup, business plan.
  • To sum up all difficulties of sales (if any) to raise up in the morning briefings.
  • To remind sales staff in making reports or implement tasks assigned by Director of Sales.
  • To take guests on inspection in case business staffs are not present in the office.
  • To update and spread information related to products of Liberty Central Hotel system.
  • Other tasks assigned by Director of Sales.

Administrative tasks

  • To submit for signature.
  • To prepare documentation for meetings of Sales department, Sales department with the Company, Sales department with branches.
  • To draft documents and send to relevant departments under Sales Director’s appointment.
  • To remind Director of Sales about meetings/ appointments in the week upon business schedules.
  • To take requests of Stationery, Name card, EMS contract…
  • To require necessary equipment: drawer, printing ink, machinery… needed for sales activities.
  • Payment requests.
  • To make follow-up file of contracts, documents, statements, internal announcements, announcements from guests…
  • To control taxi cards and collate monthly invoices.
  • To control massage tickets and save information of companies granted massage tickets.
  • To keep track of the brochure uses, business publications, stationery to make timely requests.
  • To follow up and report on the uses of vouchers in each branch.
  • To deliver and take all documents, statements relevant to Sales at each branch.
  • To record and follow up days off of Sales Department.
  • To preserve all facilities of Sales Department.

General tasks

  • To link information between Sales Department and other relevant departments/ branches to ensure all general objectives of Sales Department are implemented properly.
  • To remind all sales staff about clothes, uniforms subject to regulations of the Company.
  • To set up and maintain good business relationships among Sales department and others.
  • To ensure all tasks assigned by Director of Sales are in accordance with deadlines.
  • To enthusiastically cooperate in supervising tasks to ensure the best efficiency of work.
  • To demonstrate the professionalism, discipline, exemplarity in work.
  • To be a professional representative of Sales Department to meet guests.
  • Good English – Vietnamese communication skills.
  • Willing to work overtime if required by Director of Sales

Job Requirements

  • Degree/ Diploma of Hospitality, Business Administration preferred.
  • 2 – 3 year experience in a similar position.
  • Experience in staff management.
  • Good skills in customer service and public relations.

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