SMD Machine Technical Operator

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Job Description

  • Perform necessary machine startup / setting / adjustment to deliver daily production plan:-
    • Carry out daily start up and operate production lines on production schedule
    • Do all the machine check and adjustment to ensure product quality is at the highest quality standard with minimum wastage and stoppage.
    • Do trouble shooting to ensure lowest down time
    • Run all machine within working cell to back up each other during breaks
  • Perform regular online check to ensure product quality are always in highest quality.
  • Perform shifty loss analysis on their own machines to understand top 3 losses and implement improvement for the following shift.
    • Shift check machine condition base on center line guides and adjust machine to ensure machine condition are within center line zone.
    • Shift define loss analysis within their working shift and carry out improvement during CIL time.
  • Carry out the machine daily / weekly / monthly schedule base on the standard maintenance checklist
    • Daily/weekly/monthly perform machine / sub-assemblies cleaning and maintenance in accordance with the planned maintenance schedule and standard checklist.
    • Weekly perform
  • Responsible for safety at their machine
    • Check and ensure all interlocks, detectors, sensors, safety switches, machine guards and stop buttons are in good working condition.
    • Conduct safety observation within their machine to detect defect or unsafe condition and report to fix it.
  • Participate in project works as instructed by SMD production technician for improvement of machine performance, housekeeping, safety, product quality etc.
  • Assist technicians during repair and maintenance.
  • Perform other technical jobs instructed SMD technical engineer.

Job Requirements

  • Leadership
    • Drive the seasonal worker, worker on daily support activities:
      • Guide and ensure seasonal worker to perform workplace cleaning and machine cleaning in the safe and compliance with quality guides
      • Guide and ensure seasonal worker to handle materials and finished goods movement in a safe and compliance with quality guides
    • Lead the team in assigned machine group to implement maintenance plan, housekeeping practice as 5S policy, weevil infestation control activities, PI&T.
    • Able to cross train other team member & provide inputs for training material development
  • Management
    • Maintain a good housekeeping in assigned working area and equipment at required level.
    • Follow up strictly infestation control method of BAT.
    • Strictly follow safety regulations of company to ensure zero accident.
    • Comply with and implement required tasks to follow up environment policy of company.
    • To control the spare parts as policy.
  • Relationships
    • Close working relationship with Shift Leader, Operator, Technical Specialist, IPQC inspector, Warehouse Operator to achieve all set KPIs
    • Maintain good relationship with all temp staffs, seasonal workers
    • Establish good partnership with OEM Technicians, spares parts suppliers
  • Innovation
    •  To have initiative on troubleshooting with machines’ problems.
    •  To expand production line when requested.
    • Possess a Certificate from College/Vocational School with at least 2 years of experience in a manufacturing environment.
    • English communication is advantage
  • Desirable requirements
    • Possess basic MS office skills:  MS Excel, Words.
    • Advantage if possess engineering experience/ knowledge in areas of manufacturing machines, mechanical fitting skills & knowledge.

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