Job Descriptions

  • Systematically perform the CFP follow-up of students to ensure that they are onboarded adequately and understand the WSE method and remain engaged during their studies at Wall Street English.
  • Monitor students’ progress, investigate student difficulties, and perform study habits reviews to make sure they stay on track. Motivate off-track students to study correctly and adequately.
  • Help organize and implement student mingling/networking activities on a daily/weekly basis in order to increase students’ engagement and emotional connection with Wall Street English.
  • Gather knowledge on students’ “Highly Motivating Goals” in order to increase their levels of engagement, to add value for efficacy purposes, to provide career/academic guidance, and to increase the number of upselling opportunities.
  • Identify opportunities from complaints or issues asfor service, sales, and operations development and improvement.
  • Coordinate with Education Consultants, Personal Tutors, Teachers, and Service Officers to achieve the highest levels of student satisfaction.
  • Report to the Head of Operations any inappropriate practices that might breach Wall Street English policies.
  • Attend all relevant trainings and briefings.

Responsibility: Achieve KPIs on a monthly basis

Bonus KPIs

  • KPI 1: Achieve Referral target
  • KPI 2: Achieve Renewal target
  • KPI 3: Achieve Upsell target

Additional KPIs

  • Daily CFP
  • Daily referral lead collection
  • Daily/weekly mingling/networking activities

Job Requirements

  • Preferably a Bachelors Degree
  • Minimum 1 year work experience in customer service — preferably in hospitality, banking, and/or education.
  • At least Level 8 of English based on the Global Scale of English.
  • Very social with high levels of emotional intelligence.
  • Experience in handling complaints is an advantage.
  • Proactive, able to handle stress, and results-oriented.

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