System Engineer (Puppet)

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Job Descriptions

  • Design and implement a highly available and scalable infrastructure. This is not the usual yada-yada that you’d come across in another job post. Lazada’s growth rate is enormous. We operate on markets with total population of over half a billion people. What runs today on 20 servers, may run tomorrow on 200 and 6 months later, on thousands.
  • Create and maintain automation specs and tools. Because the number of our servers are growing, we will need good automated ways to manage them. Not everything is automated yet, so we need more people with deep Puppet knowledge. Ideally, 60% to 80% of your time would be designing and coding.
  • We automate heavily, but want to achieve even better servers-to-admin ratio by letting colleagues in other tech teams take advantage of the existing automation infrastructure. So, it is important to evangelize automation, educate others on its usage and promote best practices across teams. Talking to other people go a long way.
  • Provide 2nd and 3rd tier infrastructure support acting as subject matter expert. Yes, this means being on call. Yes, firefighting happens. No, they are not permanent. Yes, we want you to automate things so there would be even less of them. We believe that having exposure to the operations will keep people in touch with the business, and further driving automation.
  • Participate in capacity planning. Given our rapid growth, we need to plan our infrastructure in order to support this growth. You may also need to participate in performance improvement and application troubleshooting sessions.
  • Continuously learn. It will take all of your effort to stay in the same place – you will need to run at least twice as fast if you want to get somewhere.

Job Requirements

  • Expert Puppet knowledge. We are not against any other configuration management frameworks. Knowing them is considered an advantage as it broadens your view. However, our tool of choice is Puppet.
  • Deep Linux system administration knowledge. Lazada runs on CentOS, however we appreciate your familiarity with other distributions.
  • Excellent understanding of scaling approaches. That includes both technical and organizational: load balancing, cluster management, service discovery, rolling deployments, etc.
  • Programming skills with ruby. PHP, Golang and Python considered an advantage.

*Please noted that this job apply via LinkedIn so make sure you have a LinkedIn’s account

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