Job Descriptions

To assist teachers in primary classes, or in secondary classes when there are students who need special education needs

Be helpful and respectful to teachers, students and parents

  • Agree classroom role with each teacher before each term begins
  • Be ready in class fifteen minutes before class time
  • Help check registers in the first lesson of each new term to make sure that children are in the right classroom
  • Be prepared to spend a few minutes with teachers if they wish to talk about the class, activities and students in order to prepare for the next lesson
  • Assist teachers in materials preparation
  • Help the teacher deal with latecomers, hand out children’s work and assist in other classroom routines so that the class runs smoothly
  • Motivate children to participate in classroom activities where possible by demonstrating appropriate behaviour and assist teachers in the supervision and monitoring of children’s work, e.g. singing, story telling, marking
  • Speak English as much as possible except when the message cannot be conveyed in English, e.g. complicated background information or when a child is seriously distressed or in the case of serious behavioural issues. Teachers will decide if/when they need Vietnamese translation
  • Encourage and assist children to complete tasks individually and independently rather than doing it for them
  • Spend an appropriate amount of time with each student according to individual needs and those of the class as a whole
  • Assist teachers with setting up the classroom and with wall displays of children’s work according to the teacher’s requirements
  • Motivate children to help with tidying their tables and keeping the classroom clean
  • Assist teachers/parents if they want to speak to each other about a child’s progress or any other issue and ensure that all enquiries and messages conveyed by parents are always passed on to teachers as soon as possible
  • Bring any sick children to the attention of teachers so that appropriate action can be taken
  • Make teachers aware of any relevant issues such as a child who has come to class unhappy, a child being teased by a classmate etc
  • Translate during meetings and Parents’ Days between teachers and parents
  • Assisting with the book loan service when required

To supervise children outside of the classrooms

Make sure children play in safety, warn students about inappropriate behaviour and report to the person in charge if poor behaviour becomes persistent

  • Be responsible for children at break times; before, after and between classes
  • Ensure children do not enter restricted areas and do not cause disturbances on the premises
  • Supervise children who need to leave the classroom
  • Encourage the use of English by talking to children in English while they are playing at break times
  • Report any incidents occurring during break time to the class teacher and / or Duty Manager.
  • Apply the Centre’s Behaviour Policy when dealing with discipline issues

To provide administration and invigilation support

Support the admin team in preparing for the courses and delivering student services

  • Invigilate language assessments
  • Assist with the production/preparation of resources and materials or help with administration tasks when not required in the classroom, e.g. while on cover
  • Translate reports/documents when required
  • Give out notices/letters to students
  • Support admin team with pre- and end-of-term preparation
  • Call the parents of absent students / report teacher comment slips

Job Requirements

  • Current university students or people who have graduated in the last year
  • Good level of English and Vietnamese (equal to IELTS 6.0 /Upper Intermediate and above)
  • Good academic records
  • Previous experience as teaching assistant would be an advantage
  • Ability to work in a way that promotes the safety and well-being of children
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to work with a customer focus
  • Good office IT skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, Explorer)
  • Be available for at least 18 hours of work per week
  • Commitment to work continuously for at least one year
  • The applicant needs to be able to prove that he/she has no civil or criminal records of any nature relating to any allegation or conviction concerning any type of harm to a child or children by providing a valid local police record after getting the job. (Please refer to the attached document)


Salary: 45 000 dong per hour

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