Teaching Centre Accounting Helpers

Việc làm đã hết hạn

Job Description

Cashier duties

  • process all kinds of payments at the Front of House from the customers and issue VAT invoices and/or receipts in compliance with the customer service standards, corporate standards and local tax laws
  • involve in handling cash/cheque to bank staff with Accounts Officer’s supervision following requirements of the cash collection process.

Accounting and Admin support

Support the team in:

  • managing blank VAT invoices received from Finance and Resources team
  • advising SCM team members in matters relating to the SAP system and income collection when required
  • monitoring filling finance document and records of the SCM in compliance with the customer service standards, information management standards, corporate finance standards and Vietnamese Accounting System (VAS)
  • managing cashier-related facility maintenance (money counting machines, credit card machines, etc.)
  • managing team’s filing system and folders to maintain IGRM requirements
  • support SCM Accounting team leader in other admin tasks when required
  • be active when communication with other teams (Sales, Customer Management, Finance, Exams, etc.)

Job Requirements

  • interested in collecting money, especially high amount of cash and card transactions
  • communication skill
  • customer service orientation
  • less than one year of working experience and majoring in accounting and/or finance
  • competent in MS office (Excel is a plus)

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