Job Descriptions

  • Gathering the proper knowledge about the e-Commerce rules, procedures, framework, personal responsibilities and contact persons, following his initial training, from reading the documentation and learning from the day to day activities.
  • Independently inquiring superiors or colleagues about the information that is not clear or is incomplete, until sufficient understanding has been reached in order to efficiently meet the goals of his position.
  • Understanding and respecting the written rules and procedures that apply for his position.
  • Estimating as accurate as possible the time necessary for completing the assigned tasks and projects and based on this estimation – negotiating a deadline with his superior.
  • Independently contacting the proper persons and taking the necessary actions whenever his work is (going to be) delayed due to certain factors, in order to reach the deadline.
  • Communicating pro-actively with his supervisors whenever he discovers problems in fulfilling his short or long term projects and goals, especially problems that are blocking the current project that he is handling.
  • Verifying WAP, WEB sites and other e-Commerce systems with a constant and sustained rhythm by efficiently using all his technical and personal abilities.
  • Verifying WAP, WEB sites and other e-Commerce systems, by following the specifications and the project design that he receives (storyboard, particular test instructions) and reporting results in a clear and complete manner so that the final project will not contain any errors, functionality and design issues or other deviations from the basic requirements or from the standards that apply in the eCommerce department.
  • Actively interacting with team colleagues, superiors or other teams in order to exchange information necessary for reaching the organization’s goals.

Job Requirements

Studies, classes and other necessary qualifications

  • High-school graduate, student or university graduate.
  • Medium knowledge of using mobile platforms.
  • Knowledge of the Office suite applications (MS Office or Open Office), especially mails and spreadsheets.
  • Good English skills – speaking and writing.

Knowledge, abilities, skills

  • Passionate in Game
  • Should be independent and willing to take responsibilities.
  • The ability to learn complex frameworks and procedures with ease, good memory.
  • Ability to sustain quality work even under stress.
  • Ability to deal with routine work.
  • Very good communications skills, English speaking and writing is a must.


  • Exciting diversity with our talents from around the world
  • Recognition and rewards based on your performance
  • Creative, modern and open working place
  • Continuous and professional training to fully develop your potential
  • Work hard, play hard and enjoy various activities
  • Health check-up annually

* Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted and your CV will be saved in our files for a period of 6 months.

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